A unique and relaxing experience to bring the chakra system back into balance bringing peace and harmony into your life.


A chakra is an energy center within the body. Each chakra has a sound and colour linked with it. In addition, each chakra is associated to specific organs and emotions. The energy center may be balanced or blocked (unbalanced). The body has 7 major chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown chakra. However, there are numerous other chakras within the body. Balancing the chakras encourages harmony, peace and equilibrium back into one’s life.


The client is asked to recline, fully clothed, on a massage table. To begin the body is scanned to assess the condition of the chakras (i.e. blocked or balanced). After the assessment is made the process begins to bring the chakras back in to balance and harmony. This is done by using Reiki, sound and crystals. Once the process is complete, the body is rescanned to assess the condition of each chakra.

Length of Appointment: 1 hour

Cost: $65.00



What is Crystal Energy?

Crystals come from the Earth. When working with crystals we encourage the connection back to Gaia, Mother Earth.

Each crystal class has its own vibrational level, as does each individual crystal. The energy of a specific crystal may resonate differently with each individual. A crystal that works for your highest and greatest good may or may not work for someone else. Each crystal has its own unique vibrational energy, for example, each clear quartz is vibrationally unique unto its self.

Crystals resonate with distinctive qualities, different chakras, astrological signs and unique abilities. We want to bring balance back to the body, open up energy lines and ground ourselves back to a more balanced state. When working with crystal energy it is important to understand that crystals resonate with all levels of the body; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Otherwise, referred to the “PEMS” body. Crystals aid and encourage the changes you wish to make in your life regardless of which “PEMS” body those changes are related to. However, all of the “PEMS” bodies are interrelated to each other.

Crystals will be energetically and intuitively chosen for your highest and greatest good to support and encourage the vibrational energy and intention of the grid or body design.

Body Design or Crystal Grid

There are many different ways to incorporate the positive affects of crystals into your life. Crystals may be placed directly on the body, or around the body, when the recipient is reclined and resting in meditation. I refer to these as “body designs”.

To keep crystals close during the day, they may be worn or carried in a pocket.

Lastly, “crystal grids” may be designed and placed in stationary location for mindful meditation. A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals that are placed in a layout on a mat, table or tray. The grid may be simple in design and nature, containing a few crystals. However, the grid may be more complexed in design and contain a greater number and variety of crystals depending on the intention of the grid. You will be given detailed instructions on how to set up your grid or body design. Option of having the grid set up for you in your home is also available for an extra cost.

You may wish to combine both a “Crystal Grid” and a “Body Design” depending on your needs and what it is you are trying to accomplish.

For more information about this service, please contact me directly.

Length of Appointment: 1 hour

Cost: $65.00



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Lavinia is a qualified graduate of various certification courses working
with Energy from the Fairies, Crystals, Angels, Flowers and Colour.

In addition, she has completed numerous workshops on
Clairvoyance, Intuition, Setting Intentions, Higher Energy and Attracting Abundance.



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